Why work with me?

  • I believe in setting you up for success. Have you ever started one of those programs meant for “everyone” only to become frustrated because it doesn’t fit your lifestyle?  Your program will be customized for you and your lifestyle. 

  • I specialize in working with women 40+.  As a 51 year-old woman I understand the midlife changes you are experiencing.  I’m personally familiar with the midlife body changes you are experiencing.   What worked in our 20’s and 30’s no longer works as well.  With our weekly check-ins, we’ll be able to make any adjustments needed for your continued success.

  • We’ll be speaking on a weekly basis.  Even if your schedule only permits a quick touch-base.  Most online trainers only communicate via email.  I think it’s so much more personal to be able to speak via phone. 

  • I limit the number of clients I work with at any given time.  This means more time for you.  Many online coaches take on as many clients as possible leading to a less personalized experience.

  • I’m going to hold you accountable!  I am here to motivate you, give you that extra push, and to help get you back on track if things go a bit astray.  Life happens!  We’ll make adjustments if necessary and move forward. 

  • My programs are designed to help you create a sustainable lifestyle that you can continue long after coaching.