Hello and Welcome!  I’m Margie.


I am a 50-something year old woman who has always been active, healthy, and fit.  Like most women who hit their 40’s and 50’s I started to suffer the side effects of menopause. I had terrible mood swings; I was gaining weight around my mid-section; I was sweating so much at night there was an outline of my body in the sheets in the morning like a crime scene; I was feeling down more often. Like most of us I was just so busy. Some older women I knew just told me that’s what happens so I just chalked it up to getting older.

But I received a call one Friday afternoon that changed everything. I didn’t recognize the number on the phone. I rarely answer calls from unknown numbers, but for some reason I answered. It was my gynecologist. In addition to the symptoms I mentioned earlier I was also experiencing excessive bleeding and pain. We had suspected the abnormal bleeding and pain was the result of an enlarged ovary so I was going to have a total hysterectomy. But that Friday she said she needed to see me the following Monday as there was in irregularity with my bloodwork. She wanted to discuss referring me to a gynecological oncologist/surgeon.

As I hung up the phone I must have looked white as a ghost, because my husband immediately asked what was wrong. I remember my heart racing as I told him my surgery was canceled and I needed to see the doctor the following Monday. Though my doctor never said the word cancer, I knew that was what she suspected. Since I was at my husband’s annual picnic, I put on a smile and just kept busy with the birdhouse painting activity planned for the kids. Then I spent all weekend trying to keep busy to keep from panicking. My husband was leaving that Monday on a business trip which probably didn’t help my nerves.

The following Monday afternoon I met with my doctor, and she explained that my bloodwork indicated high markers for ovarian cancer. Though the bloodwork couldn’t 100% confirm cancer, she did not want to perform the surgery as it was not her area of expertise. From there things moved quickly. I was able to see the surgeon later that week and was in the hospital having surgery 2 weeks later. I remember waking up and my surgeon telling me everything was benign, but I did have very enlarged tumors on my uterus and ovaries - each the size of a fetus at 12-weeks.

I was lucky, but I didn’t feel lucky. In fact at the age of 50 I found myself completely broken. I had entered a major depression after my surgery (which I have found out is very common). I struggled with my expanding waistline. I felt lethargic, yet couldn’t sleep. I drank too much wine. I hated my job. I was feeling my age. I would look in the mirror and hate what I saw back. I was just plain unhappy. I was struggling with life.

This went on for months. Until one day my husband said to me he just wanted to woman he married back. He then left for a business trip. I don’t know what it was that morning, but something resonated. The look on his face as he left stayed etched in my mind. And that morning I made the decision to change.

I have heard every moment in life is a new starting point. This was mine. I needed to change everything I was doing because everything I was doing was wrong. I was going to change. I remember picking up my laptop and googling all the emotions and physical symptoms I had been experiencing the last few years. I found out I was not alone and was disturbed to learn that some women just accept these things as a part of getting older.

I started by simply walking with my dog Jax. Day by day I started to feel better. Then I started lifting weights. And something incredible happened. Every time I lifted the weights it felt as if a part of my depression was being lifted. Day by day I began to feel more self-confident, more powerful, and more beautiful.

As I continued my exercise regime, I reflected on my days as fitness coach while I was getting my PhD in Materials Engineering.   Helping other people achieve their fitness goals was one of the most fulfilling times of my life.  Once again I decided to change. I took a leap of faith and left a corporate job I really, really hated and pursued and completed my certifications in personal training and nutrition.   I still remember shaking as I wrote my resignation letter, and after I got home, for a brief moment I wondered what I had done. But I never looked back. What started as a passion, is now my purpose.  I admit, I was terrified to put myself out there, but I told myself if I could just help one woman benefit from my experience, then it would be worth it. I started Margie Clegg Fitness, a private one on one coaching business specializing in women.

Today I am a perfectly imperfect work in progress! I will never be perfect (but who is?). Am I the picture perfect weight - no. Do I eat perfect every day - no. But I’ve made long term lifestyle changes that I’ve sustained. I feel better than I ever have. This is why I love helping women achieve health and fitness goals they never thought possible. I don’t have a quick fix solution, but I can help you find sustainable and consistent ways to be a fitter and healthier you.  I believe you can be more passionate and confident than ever before and you are worth it! And you don’t have to do it alone.  We are in this together.  I am excited about the possibility of working together!