Time to Check in with Your 2019 Goals

Can you believe we are already to October?!?  

How are you feeling about the resolutions and goals you set back in January?  Have you hit your goals?  Are you on track with your goals?  Have you even thought about them once January was in the rear-view mirror.  

If you haven’t hit your goals, you’re not alone.  Only 8% of people hit their New Year’s goals and only 20% follow through with their resolutions.  Life happens.  You lose enthusiasm.  You may have set a random goal with no real intention.  Or you didn’t map out a plan to hit your goals.  

If you’re feeling a little bummed right now, don’t.  There’s 3 months left in the year to still crush or make headway towards your goals.  Most people tend to slow down this time of year.  It’really the opposite.  Now is the time to ramping up your efforts to end the year strong and to have momentum going into next year.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself to put yourself on track to win the rest of 2019…

1.      What have you already accomplished?  

You may think you’ve accomplished zilch.  You’re wrong.  We have wins everyday that we don’t even consider wins.  Make a list of wins to this point and see just how much better you feel after.  Here are some questions you may not have thought to ask yourself:


Did you keep you and your family fed?

Did you spend more time in nature?

Did you get to take a vacation or time off?

Did you have any health or fitness wins?

Did something make you smile?

Did you make someone else smile?

These sound simple and they are.  Simple wins are wins.  Period.

2.      Where did you fall off the motivation train?

Was there a specific life event that set you off track?  Did you not have support to achieve your goal?  Did you not have a plan?  

Try to think back where things went awry.  Is there something you can do differently to produce a better result going forward.  Also realize that often motivation alone will not get you to your goal.  Motivation comes and goes like the wind.  Come up with a Plan B for those times the motivation isn’t there. 


3.      What can you do to get motivated again?

Once you’ve decided to hit it hard these last 3 months here are 3 ways to jumpstart your motivation.

Dangle a carrot.  If you’re goal is to lose 15 pounds by the end of the year (totally doable by the way), give yourself a reward at the end such as those new boots you’ve been wanting or a spa get away.  To build even more momentum break your goal into smaller milestones and reward yourself with each milestone. 

Think outside of the box.  If what you have been trying hasn’t been working then it’s time to try something different.  For example if your goal is to go to the gym 3 times a week after work but you find yourself skipping it because it’s out of the way, you may want to find a gym that’s on the way home.

Have a checkpoint.  This can be a buddy, an online group, or even a coach or trainer.  When you have someone holding you accountable for your commitments, you are more likely to show up.  Showing up builds confidence as you become a person who makes commitments and follows through with them.

Hopefully you’ll find these tips useful for ending the year strong and crushing your goals.  End 2019 on the high note you imagined at the beginning of the year!   

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Margie Clegg