6 Ways to Create a Foolproof Morning Routine

6 Ways to Create a Foolproof morning routine

Those with kids know that “Back to School” goes hand in hand with “Back to Routine.”  Routines may sound boring they are important for all of us with or without kids.  And though it sounds cliché, a morning routine can be life changing.  You can find yourself going from wondering where the day went to accomplishing more by 9am than most get done in a day.   

Routines help us:

·     Feel more in control of our lives.  

·     Make room for the important things.  

·     Help us form healthy habits

·     Reduce our stress levels

And when it comes to routines, there is no more important routine than your morning routine.  There is a reason you hear success gurus preach “Win the morning.  Win the Day!” Morning routines work!  Starting the day with a good routine sets up the rest of your day for structure and success rather than starting from a point of disarray.

I can give you the morning routine that works for me, but if your lifestyle and daily rhythms are different than mine, you’ll hate mine…and probably me.  So instead of listing off my routine, here are some tips for setting up a morning routine that works for you:

1.    Be realistic. I am a morning person.  I’m up before my alarm goes off with the chipperness of baby bird seeing it’s mom come back to the nest with a worm.  My husband on the other hand does not share my enthusiasm for the mornings.  He’d rather fly from San Francisco to Boston on a plane full of screaming 2 year-olds than get up one minute earlier than he absolutely needs to.  So our routines are different.

2.    After being realistic with whether you’re a morning person.  Determine the following:

a.    What is the realistic time you are able to get up

b.    What is the realistic time you must be out the door

3.    Once you have a time-frame, set up a timeline that includes:

a.    What is necessary to get you out the door – shower, makeup, hair, breakfast

b.    What makes you feel good – workout, yoga, journaling, reading, walking your dog

c.    The small win – making your bed, loading or unloading the dishwasher, or some other 1-2 minute task you can cross off to start your day in the win column

4.    Put your morning on autopilot so you don’t spend time making decisions.  

a.    Pick out your clothes the night before and set them out; if you’re working out before work, have your workout clothes and gym bag packed and ready to go

b.    Have a healthy go-to breakfast ready to go if preparing breakfast isn’t in your schedule

c.    Have a list of things you intend to do and the order you intend to do them in. 

d.    Piggying back on that set intentions rather than goals.  This way if something on your list doesn’t get accomplished, you don’t start the day feeling like a failure.

5.    Don’t hit the snooze button.  If your first decision of the day is to procrastinate starting the day, it’s not going to help you make decisions the rest of the day.

6.    Test and refine. You probably won’t crush your morning routine right out the gate.  It takes time to make a routine stick.  

Hopefully this helps you start to think about your morning routine.  I’d love to hear about any morning routine tips that have worked for you. Leave a comment below.  

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